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AGES 14-18

Level up your child’s education with project-based coding classes that prepare them to take on the modern world.

We’re experts at teaching kids to code for an increasingly tech-driven world.

Job demand for coding skills is projected to grow over 2x faster than other occupations. Prepare your kids for the modern world with Juni, no matter their experience level. We offer a full computer science curriculum for kids ages 14-18.

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Python Language

For the creative, the gamer, or the mathematician, Python is a powerful and widely used coding language.

1:1 | On Demand | 1:6 | Age: 15-21

Python-Level-1 Course for Kids

Full Stack Web Development

Become a full stack web developer and learn to design and develop powerful modern web applications.

1:1 | On Demand | 1:6 | Age: 16-21

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Full Stack Web Development + Data Science

Data science is a tech field used for analysis, prediction, forecasting, and optimizing data.

1:1 | On Demand | 1:6 | Age: 18-21

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Project-Based Coursework


Shared Projects

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What is Python

  • Python is a general purpose, dynamic, high-level, and interpreted programming language. It supports Object Oriented programming approach to develop applications. It is simple and easy to learn and provides lots of high-level data structures.
  • Python is easy to learn yet powerful and versatile scripting language, which makes it attractive for Application Development.
  • Python’s syntax and dynamic typing with its interpreted nature make it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development.
  • Python supports multiple programming pattern, including object-oriented, imperative, and functional or procedural programming styles.
  • Python is not intended to work in a particular area, such as web programming. That is why it is known as multipurpose programming language because it can be used with web, enterprise, 3D CAD, etc.

Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. Built by experienced developers, Django takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It is free and open source, has a thriving and active community, great documentation, and many options for free and paid-for support.

Django helps you write software that is:

  • Complete
  • Versatile
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Maintainable
  • Portable

Data science is the process of using tools and techniques to draw actionable information out of huge volumes of noisy data. Data science is used for everything from business decision making to sports analytics to insurance risk assessment.

The data science field is growing rapidly and revolutionizing so many industries. It has incalculable benefits in business, research and our everyday lives. Your route to work, your most recent search engine query for the nearest coffee shop, your Instagram post about what you ate, and even the health data from your fitness tracker are all important to different data scientists in different ways.

Sifting through massive data lakes, looking for connections and patterns, data science is responsible for bringing us new products, delivering breakthrough insights and making our lives more convenient.